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Hikkaduwa a world famous tourist resort remains a blend of defferent sub-cultures making the scenic beauty flam boyant. some of they are Surfers, Divers, Lovers of sun bathing and Rastafarai people.

the origin of rastafarais date back 19th century. the credit of the creation of this sub-society should deserve to eminent Reggae
Musician called BOB MARLEY. It was at the beginning in Jamaica, A west indies island with serendipity.

Rastafarais are certain people who admire nature and love the surrounding where they associate with. Whearas some are vegetarians some are not. same about the smoking. How ever the common is they all love music and to enjoy the life. they wear their hair with a pony tails or mostly loose. they prefer to walk without footwear.

Rastafarians posses their own flag which denotes their authencity and messages. They are Rastafarians in the real sense of the word. The Rasta Flag consists of three colours:

RED = The religion they believe in
GREEN = The Gift Of Nature.
YELLOW = The Sun and Moon.
(the major sources which give warmth and light to the betterment of all living beings)

Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna and Arugam-bay bear a well famous name for the rastas.. Arranging musical shows about five days per week, bar-be-que are given the priority.

Furthermore Hikkaduwa on the southern coastal line of sri lanka is concerned a fine place for all and sundry individual to undergo their own life patterns to the best.

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