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Seenigama is a costal village close to the city Hikkaduwa. The main road from capital city colombo winds it`s way southwards along side the cost line through _______ groves.. A watchful eye can spot an islet in the sea close to the shore with a small devale (shrine) can be seen it is Seenigama devale dedicated to " Devol deviyo " a powerful deity. Fishermens belive that the deity protect them from the evel eyes. that honted to the Ocean.

This Amazing islet is a remarkable land mark to southern province. There are severel legends about the unknown power of this shrine. foreigners also come to pray for the shade of of this precious shrine.

Esala ( july ,August ) is the mounth of religious festival in sri lanka. The annual Esala festival at seenigama devol devale continues for six days, in this festival season. there are approximately 20000 people congregation to see Toran and Perahera with tradition dance and Elephants. At the festival season there are lot of shops entertainments events like a carnival. this festival ends with a fire working Ceremony...

Ceremony; it`s unsensible : how the devotees walk on the fire. actually it is some thing surprise.....

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