Green Turtle
The Green sea turtle is largest hard-shelled sea turtle. Adults of the species commonly reach 100 cm in carapace length and 150 kg in mass. The average size of a female is 101.5 cm straight carapace length.
The following combination of characteristics distinguishes the hawksbill from other marine turtles.
1. Two pairs of prefrontal scales
2. Thick, Posteriorly overlapping scutes on the carapace.
3. Four pairs of costal scutes. (The anterior most not in contact with the nuchal scute)
4. Two claws on each flipper
5. A beak-like mouth, hence the name.
Additionally, On lank the hawksbill has an alternating gait, unlike the leatherback and green sea turtles
The leatherback is the largest living turtle and is so distinctive that it is placed in its own separate family, Dermochelys. All other sea turtles have bony hard plates on their shells (carapace). The leatherback’s carapace is slightly flexible and has a rubbery texture. No sharp angle is formed between the carapace and the under-belly ( Plastron) so a leatherback is somewhat barrel-shaped.The front flippers of a leatherback are longer than in the other marine turtles, Even when you take the leatherback’s size into account. They can reach 270 cm in adult leatherbacks.
The carapace of adult loggerheads is reddish-brown. The Plastron is medium-yellow.
Average body mass about 113 kg. Hatchling can vary colour from light to dark brown.
Flippers are dark brown with white margins. The plastron and other under Parts have
a faded yellow ochre appearance.
Olive Ridley
The Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys Olivacea) is the smallest of the sea turtles usually less than 100 pounds and named for the olive color of its heart-shaped shell. This is an omnivorous turtle. It forages offshore in surface water or dives to depths of at least 150 meters (500 Feets) to feed on bottom dwelling shrimp, Crabs, Sea urchins and other animals crustacens, mollusks and tunicates. Olive Ridley are sometimes seen feeding on jellyfish in surface waters.
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