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t`s Original. It`s Groovy, It`s takes control of your mind, body and soul. It`s The Rhythm of drum beats. It`s the sound of 'ELEPHANT FOOT' feelings of percussion. this collaboration has marked the beginning of a rhythmic ensemble made up of the 'Lal'Brothers and Co. The Brothers hailing from the multi cultural, western influenced Beach resort of hikkaduwa, grew up with the Sounds of traditional drums being played by their father, the legendary Mr.Wilman As the brothers matured in a World that was ever more becoming westernized, Something new and unique emerged. A Hybrid from of drumming. A new Sound and a feeling that calls to you and wraps you up inits trance. feel it rise inside you and be taken our 'ELIPHANT FOOT' is about the feelings of sound.

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Click here to go http://www.elephant foot srilanka.com

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