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       Borderless music..!!! By artfully blending traditional elements and sounds with modernity from West and Carribean with Asian fineness, JAYASRI has managed to create a style that is uniquely them. No strangers to the happy blending of the East and West, JAYASRI today occupy a top spot in the world music talent list, often being call upon to enliven cultural events, Festivals, Tours in all continents with their particular brand of rhythm and energetic motion.
•With the influence of their idols such as Marley, Bowie, Floyd, Shankar, Khan, the 6 members multicultural band goes through different music clashes like Asian DUB + Ragga + Reggae + Roots + Dancehall + Asian & African riddims and chants + Trance and Hip-hop........a Rhythmic Firework!
•JAYASRIs creativity expands through film music and has opened and performed with such international artists as Third World, UB40, Alpha Blondy, Inner Circle, Temptations, Falco,....etc.....also crowned by achieving the winners of the Austrian World Music Award 2003 from 77 international bands.
•simply........JAYASRI is mystic, compact, groovy sound, colourful stage performance and positive vibrations....!!!!


Our Official Web Sites :
www.jayasrimusic.com |www.jayasri.itgo.com

  •Rohitha J. (SRI LANKA) : Vocals, Ragamuffin, Riddim & Acoustic      Guitars, Ethnic Percussion

•Rohan “ROKI” (SRI LANKA) : Vocals, Rap, Bass

•Parvez (BANGLADESH) : Backing Vocals, Keyboards ,Piano

•Sumal (SRI LANKA) : Drums

•Moses (NIGERIA) : Backing Vocals, African & Latin Percussion

•Thomas (AUSTRIA) : Lead Guitar , Acoustic Guitar

•Bidroho Faham (BANGLADESH) : Key Boards, Vocals

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