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Party Memories - HIkkaduwa 2009

Hikkaduwa Beach Fest 2009

31st of december 2008 special party at Mambo`s

Hikka Beach Fest '08

2008.05.17 @ mambo`s place

2008.03.22 at Mambo`s

31st of december 2007 special
party at Mambo`s

YES fm DJ Party at Mambo`s

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Valentine's Day REGGAE Party 2010
They rocks in Hikkaduwa
Elephant Foot Is about the feelings of sound. So go on.... Feel it!ELEPHANT

feelings of
percussion. this
collaboration has
marked the
beginning of a
rhythmic nsemble
made up of the 'Lal' Brothers and Co.
The Brothers hailing from the multi cultural, western influenced Beach resort

A borderless music
By artfully blending traditional elements and sounds with modernity from West and carribean with asian fineness JAYASRI has managed to create a style that is niquely them.
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